Hancock County Jail Inmate Search | Roster | Lookup

The Hancock County Jail is the main jail of the county, located in Kiln, Mississippi. The Hancock County District Court is situated right next to the Hancock County Jail.

The administrative offices of the sheriff are inside the jail.

Finding an inmate at the Hancock County Jail

There is a public online record database uploaded at the Hancock County Jail office, that allows users to search for the inmates. This search can be conducted by using the social security number, the first and the last name, the SPN, or the date of birth of an inmate.

A successful search through the online roster will display the SPN of an inmate, the prison facility that they are being held in, along with the charges that they are facing.

Sending Mail/Care Packages to an inmate

Every incoming package for an inmate at the facility must clearly mention the name of the inmate, the housing unit, their cell block location, their SPN, and complete information of the sender including the name and address. In case any of the above-mentioned information is missing from the package, the package will be delivered back to the sender.

Each and every mail package that arrives at the facility gets scanned by a jail staff. In case there are letters that are sprayed with lipstick, makeup, or perfume, or anything else will be delivered back to the sender.

At a single time, no more than 4 magazines and 2 paperback books can be sent to an inmate. Moreover, the books being delivered to the inmates must be new and should come straight from the publisher.

A package of books will be sent at the following address:

  • Inmate Full Name, Full SPN

  • 17351 Highway 603, Kiln, MS, 39556

Letters on the other hand, will be sent at the following address:

  • Hancock County Sheriff’s Office 

  • 17351 Highway 603, Kiln, MS, 39556
Sending money to an inmate at the Hancock County Jail

There are a number of ways in which friends and family can send money to an inmate at the Hancock County Jail. These ways include the following:

Making use of Lobby Machines

The Hancock County Jail features a number of deposit machines in the lobbies. In order to use this service, the sender must know the full name and SPN of the inmate.

Online transfer

Considered as the most convenient method, an funds can be transferred online to an inmate into his account via the Touchpay website. The funds that are transferred this way go into the account almost instantly. However, this service incolves a small fee.

Telephone transfer

Deposits can be made via TouchPay by calling at 1-866-232-1899.

This service also access credit card and debit card payments. However, in order to make a transaction,the SPN number and full name of an inmate must be known.

Do note that this service involves a small fee, and only up to a $100 can be deposited at a time.

Using Western Union

Western Union can also be used to deposit the money. Either, you can go to the kiosks, or call at 1-800-643-3422. On the other hand, the Western Union website can also be used.

Via the Western Union, the maximum deposit via internet and phone is $300 at a time. However, this service involves a small fee.

In order to make a transfer, the full name and the SPN number of an inmate must be known along with the code city.

Sending money via Ace Cash Express

Ace Cash Express can also be used to deposit money into an inmate’s account, via one of the 1485 stores. However, do note that the Ace Cash Express service only accepts cash and no payments via debit/credit cards. Moreover, the maximum amount that can be sent to an inmate through this service is $1000 with a fee involved.

Sending money via Mail

The prison accepts money orders along with cashier’s checks via a mail. The money orders must be payable to the ‘Inmate Trust Fund’ and must include the full SPN and name of the inmate at the bottom. In case the checks are not payable to the ‘Inmate Trust Fund’, they will be delivered back.

The following address can be used to send the money order via mail:

  • Hancock County Sheriff’s Office
  • Inmate Trust Fund
  • 17351 Highway 603, Kiln, MS, 39556
Making a phone call to the inmates

The facility does not allow inmates to receive phone calls from their family and friends. However, the inmates themselves are allowed to call their friends and family via a collect call. These calls are, however, monitored.

Moreover, the facility does not allow three-way calling. A three-way call would hence, end abruptly if initiated.

Sending an email to the inmates

The facility does not provide an internet access to the inmates. However, JPay service can be used to send messages to the friends and family of the inmates. This service, however, does involve a fee.

The commissary

The Hancock County Jail offers a commissary store to the inmates, with a wide range of items. At one time, inmates can spend a maximum of $150.

Moreover, every block has a unique schedule for the commissary delivery.