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  • Official Site
  • 304-379-5000
  • 1640 Sky View Drive, Bruceton Mills, WV, 26525

The USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum was established in 2015 and is located at 1640 Sky View Drive, Bruceton Mills, WV, 26525.

The complex consists of two facilities, United States Penitentiary (USP) - Hazelton High and USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum:

United States Penitentiary (USP) - Hazelton High

This is a high-security Federal Prison facility which inmates have nicknamed ‘Misery Mountain’ and whilst it is primarily a facility for high security inmates it does include an adjacent satellite prison for minimum-security inmates.

USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum

As with USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum this facility is both owned and operated by the country’s Federal Bureau of Prisons but this facility is intended as a medium-security prison.

Although both facilities are intended for male inmates, the grounds also house a secure facility for females.

Inmate Lookup in USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum

Are you trying to find an inmate of USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum? You can try searching by using one of the following methods:

  • Use the official website
  • Contact the facility directly. The telephone number is 304-379-5000

For you to successfully complete a search, you’ll need to have the following details at hand:

  • The Inmate identification number
  • The inmates’s full name, as well as birth date

Be advised that an individual may be imprisoned immediately after being arrested, or transferred later on from a local center.

If you’re having difficulties when trying to find an inmate, we recommend you try carrying out a statewide West Virginia prisoner search.

How to Send Mail or Parcel?

The complex has two mailing addresses and these are:

For male inmates - USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum, P.O. Box 5000, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

For female inmates - USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum, Secure Female Facility, P.O. Box 3000, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

Commissary and Money

Like all Federal prisons USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum has a commissary where inmates are allowed to have an account. The commissary is open once a week to allow inmates to buy luxury items, toiletries and other approved merchandise and in this instance USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum inmates are allowed to spend up to a maximum of $360 per month provided they have that much in their account.

Friends and relatives can put money into an inmate’s account via Western Union or MoneyGram quoting the inmate’s name and number and FBOP as the City and DC as the State, alternatively money can be sent via the FBOP PO Box once again quoting the inmate’s name and number to:

P.O. Box 474702
Des Moines,
Iowa 50947

Phone Calls

Trulincs in the phone service provider for USP - Hazelton Satellite Prison Camp - Minimum but inmates must provide contact details to the prison authorities several days in advance so they can be approved. Although each inmate is allowed 300 minutes on the phone per month, no single call is allowed to last longer than 15 minutes. During the months of November and December, inmates are usually allowed an additional 100 minutes per month, boosting their total minutes to 400 during the holiday season.


An email service is also provided for the inmates by Trulincs which is funded by several means including commissary sales, an inmate trust fund and direct payments however, all emails will be strictly monitored and screened by the prison authority that will deem what content is and what content is not suitable.

Visitation Rules

Visitors to inmates in any of the facilities are closely monitored and so any visitor must have been previously approved by the prison. To gain approval, a visitor must have been placed on a list by the inmate when they first arrived. Names on the inmate’s list are then subject to approval by the prison authorities who may request further information from the potential visitor prior to approval being granted.

Even for visitors who have attained authority to visit, the number of visits inmates are allowed is also strictly monitored and so they are awarded visitor points according to their status:

  • Low security inmate – 12 points
  • FCI inmate – 5 points
  • USP inmate – 9 points

For low security inmates 2 points are used for each weekend or public holiday visits and 1 point for weekday visits.

For FCI inmates 1 point is used per visit regardless of which day it is on.

For USP inmates 2 points are used for weekend visits and 1 point for weekday visits but no visits are permitted on public holidays.

Any visitor to a Federal Correctional Facility is subject to that facilities rules both prior to and during their visit and so must follow strict guidelines or their approval may be revoked. These rules include but are not restricted to:

  • Must have visitor approval
  • Must show valid ID
  • With few exceptions such as change for a vending machine or a pair of glasses, nothing must be taken into the facility other than the clothes the visitor is wearing and even they are subject to a strict dress code
  • Visitors must act in a responsible manner during the visit or they will be escorted out and may lose their visitor approval

Dress Code for Visitors

Apart from the appropriate dress guidelines shown below, it must be remembered that the final acceptance rests with the officers on duty and so whilst a certain article of clothing may have been deemed acceptable on one visit, the same article may be rejected on a subsequent visit but if you consider you are dressing for a job interview, you will probably be accepted.

Dress guidelines include:

  • No uniforms or clothing which is similar to either inmate or prison officer attire
  • Shoes must be worn
  • Shirts must be worn and they cannot be sleeveless
  • No clothing must be of a see-through nature
  • No shorts or miniskirts are allowed
  • No ‘scrubs’ permitted
  • Any clothing that exposes the midsection, back, chest or thighs will be permitted
  • No article of clothing must display offensive words or images
  • No tight clothing
  • Although wearing jewelry is inadvisable, minimal jewelry may be accepted

To avoid missing a visit due to dress issues, many visitors keep a set of more appropriate clothing in their cars so they can change if initially turned away.

Length of a visit

The length of any visit is not restricted provided it falls within the specified visiting hours, however no visitor will be permitted to start a visit later than 45 minutes prior to the end of the visiting hours which is when officers will start to escort visitors out on a first to arrive, first to leave basis.