Church Hill Police Jail Inmate Search | Roster | Lookup

  • 423-357-7181
  • 300 E Main Blvd PO Box 366, Church Hill, TN, 37642

Church Hill Police Jail is in Church Hill, Hawkins County, TN and is a low security police department jail. It houses adults that were arrested, or are currently awaiting trial, pending plea, or have already been sentenced as Tennessee state law offenders. The majority of prisoners haven’t committed felonies which are thought to be less serious in nature. The prison is made up of inmates that are serving for a time period of less than year. The facility is managed by the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC).

Keep reading if you want to search and locate an inmate, mail an item, send money, take a telephone call, or if you want to know a bit more about visitation.

How to Carry Out An Inmate Search of Church Hill Police Jail

Trying to find an inmate of Church Hill Police Jail? you have two options. Either:

  • Contact directly via phone. The number to call is 423-357-7181

Before doing a search throught the website, or calling, you’ll need to have with you:

An inmate identification number
Full name

In the majority of cases, an inmate can be found using the above two methods. If, however, there is a problem, an alternative method can be to do a Tennessee prisoner search.

Send Or Mail A Parcel To An Inmate of Church Hill Police Jail

Have a care package or letter you want to give to someone at Church Hill Police Jail?

When mailing, address the package as follows

  • Inmate’s first and last name, and inmate ID
  • 300 E Main Blvd PO Box 366, Church Hill, TN, 37642

Also, put down your own address, to ensure that if the item is disallowed, I will be returned to you. If you fail to this, the item will most likely be disposed of.

Call Church Hill Police Jail at 423-357-7181 if you have any doubts as to what’s allowed and disallowed, or if you have further queries.

Sending Money To An Inmate of Church Hill Police Jail

Have money to send to an Church Hill Police Jail inmate. Either deposit at the prison’s office when you arrive for a visit, or deposit into the inmate’s commissary account, via money order, cashier, or check (remember to write the name and ID of the inmate on the reverse side).

Phone Calls

Inmates have a 14 hour window in which to make calls (7:45 a.m. and 9:45 p.m.) to permitted individuals. Each call can be up to 35 minutes (or up to 15 minutes during peak periods). Before accepting a call, be aware that the cost of the call has to be covered by the receiver.

Rules for visiting Church Hill Police Jail

Looking to visit someone at Church Hill Police Jail? If you’re uncertain as to whether you appear on the approved list of visitors, call the jail first (telephone number: 423-357-7181).

In addition:

  • You can’t be a past criminal
  • Ensure that you’re carrying a valid Identification
  • An accompanying adult is needed if a visitor is under 17 years old
  • Ensure you’re on your best behavior and comply with all prison visitor rules. If you have any children with you, ensure they are well behaved. You will be responsible for their actions