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Find an inmate who is currently imprisoned in one of State Prisons. You can use our intuitive search, or simply select the jail from the given list.

US State Prisons are generally considered to be a bit laxer than their federal counterparts, with the majority of the inmates committing less serious crimes such as robbery and fraud. As a result, the security standards are not as strict, although visiting times tend to be limited nonetheless. If you’re looking for an inmate in a US state prison, however, you may find yourself struggling.

You see, most US prisons don’t store records about their criminals on a centralized system, but now this is all changed with Here you are able to effortlessly search a vast number of US state prisons, locating inmates by inputting basic information about them and their crime(s).

We allow more and more families to come together in hard times, removing many of the barriers which used to be present when attempting to find people who have been imprisoned in US state prisons. Now, using Inmate Search, you can effortlessly locate the inmate you’re trying to find, connecting long-lost relatives and friends to one another once again.

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