Missouri Inmate Search
Missouri Inmate Search

Missouri Inmate Search | MODOC Inmate Lookup | MO Inmate Locator

Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) provides a centralized inmate search database of those incarcerated in Missouri (MO) state prisons, while the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) maintain records about offenders in federal prisons.

However, there are 3 more correction facilities which are decentralized and keep convict records individually. For instance, the local county sheriff office is responsible for county jails and while respectively city police departments taking care of city jails and police jails record. A simple guide on how to find an incarcerated inmate can be found here.

How To Locate An Inmate in State Prison?

In order to lookup for a specific inmate you need to know at least these three details:

First/Last Name of the Inmate
Date of birth
Inmate Number (ID)

Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) manage all the records of state prisons in Missouri (MO). You can easily find an inmate through official (MODOC) website. Their online database have records about every inmate in the state prisons across entire Missouri (MO). This saves you a lot of time, since you don’t need to go through the numerous documents and files or physically visit (MODOC) itself.

Note: To look for an inmate in other correction facilities please refer directly to Federal Prisons or City, Police and County Jails.

Total Inmates in Missouri (MO) By Year

We Found a Total Of 677 Incarceration Facilities in The State Of Missouri (MO):

Total Incarcerated Individuals
43,891 Total Individuals in Prisons & Jails
32,461 Inmates in Prisons
11,430 Inmates in Jails
532 Incarceration Rate in Prisons (per 100,000)
240 Incarceration Rate in Jails (per 100,000)
44,762 Inmates on Probation
17,657 Inmates on Parole
2,911 (9.0) Life Sentenced (% of Inmates)
1,144 (3.5) Life Without Parole (% of Inmates)
98 Juvenile Life Sentenced Without Parole
0 Individuals in Private Prisons
Incarceration by Gender
29,124 Men Imprisoned
3,337 Women Imprisoned
Incarceration by Rate & Ethnicity
404 White Incarceration Rate (per 100,000)
1,654 Black Incarceration Rate (per 100,000)
232 Hispanic Incarceration Rate (per 100,000)
Current Juveniles in Custody
948 Total
768 Committed
174 Detained
6 Diverted
173 Custody Rate for Juveniles (per 100,000)
112 Custody Rate for White (per 100,000)
516 Custody Rate for Black (per 100,000)
100 Custody Rate for Latino (per 100,000)
0 Custody Rate for American Indians (per 100,000)
23 Custody Rate for Asians (per 100,000)
Incarceration Racial & Ethnic Ratios
4.1 Black to White Ratio
0.6 Hispanic to White Ratio
Felony Disenfranchisement
89,665 (1.91%) Disenfranchised Individuals (% of Individuals)
30,374 (5.78%) Disenfranchised African Americans (% of Individuals)
Total Incarceration Facility Expenses
677 In Millions