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The Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center is a Mississippi State prison to house under-age offenders (under 16 years old). Its address is 110 Alcorn Avenue, Hattiesburg, MS, 39401 and it comprises several buildings, many of which serve different purposes and include buildings for level 1, 111 and 1V inmates, a security housing unit, Protective Housing Unit, Prison Industry Authority, Administrative Segregation Unit, Long-Term Restricted Housing, Enhanced Program Facility and a Correctional Treatment Center.

Inmate Lookup in Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center

To look for an inmate which is currently accommodated at Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center - make a search directly through their official site, or call them @ 601-545-6183 to get the details you wish.

Note: Person may be imprisoned into a county jail immediately after they have been arrested, or later transferred from a local center. You need to know these details - Inmate Identification Number, Name/Surname and Birth Date before conducting any search.

If you couldn’t get what you looked for, then go for Mississippi (MS) statewide inmate search on this page.

Send Or Mail A Parcel To An Inmate

The mailing address for this facility is the same as its actual address Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center 110 Alcorn Avenue, Hattiesburg, MS, 39401 however, if you are sending mail to an inmate the address should not only include their name and ID but due to the facility housing so many buildings, also their building’s name or number. As well as being allowed to receive regular mail, inmates at this facility are also allowed to receive children’s drawings, stamps, photographs, calendars, envelopes and paper as well as up to 4 magazines, books or newspapers providing they are sent direct from the publishers. Inmates are also allowed to receive quarterly packages but only from vendors on the prison’s authorized list.

Whilst legal mail will be opened in front of the inmate but not read, all other mail will be opened and scrutinized by prison staff. To facilitate the staff being able to understand what is in the mail, English and Spanish are the only languages allowed unless exceptionally, prior approval has been granted by the Warden.


There are several ways in which to send inmates money but for all of them you will have to know their name, ID number and the name of the facility they are in. Although all the methods will incur additional charges, using the United States Postal Money Order incurs the least cost. The Money Orders should be made payable to JPAY with the inmate’s name and ID placed in the memo field. The DOC only charges a fee of $0.50 for processing these payments.

Inmate Phone Calls

Although no one is permitted to initiate phone calls to inmates, they are permitted to make calls to pre-approved numbers. An inmate is permitted to submit a list of up to ten phone numbers for approval and whilst cell phones may now be included, service provider contracts for those phones may have to be shown before approval is granted.

The facilities phone service provider is Securus Correctional Billing Services who can be contacted online at or by phone at 1-800-844-6591. As well as charging a per minute rate, they will also make an additional charge per call. It should be remembered that apart from legal calls, these calls will be monitored and probably recorded.


Inmates are allowed visitors on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 9AM and 3PM however visitors can start registering from 8:15 but will not be accepted for registration after 2PM. The facilities car park is only open for visitors from 7:30AM and so whilst there is no point in arriving too early, you should make sure you do not arrive too late.

In order to be allowed access to visit an inmate, visitors must be in possession of a valid ID card and an approved visitor’s application. Visitor applications (Mississippi Visitation Application) can be obtained from the inmate and when completed forwarded for approval. Although the application may take up to 30 days to be approved, it is the inmate who will inform you if it has been approved or rejected. An approved application is needed for any visitor over the age of 16 years.

There are rules that visitors must abide by otherwise they may lose their visitation privilege and not least among these rules is a strict dress code which must be adhered to. Also during a visit, no visitor I to talk with anyone other than the inmate they are there to visit, not only another inmate but neither a fellow visitor either.

Dress Code for Visitations

Perhaps for obvious reasons, no expanse of bare flesh should be visible, meaning no bare belly, back, shoulders or thighs and no see through garments should be worn. No uniforms are allowed nor doctor or nurses scrubs. Also no clothing that resembles either inmate or prison officer attire is to be won and this could include plain white t-shirts. Although plain white t-shirts can’t be worn, neither can t-shirts with obscene or inappropriate words or images be worn either. No skirt or dress is allowed if it has a slit or if it ends than 3” above the knees, which of course means no shorts are allowed either. As to whether or not an article of clothing is acceptable will be determined by the staff on duty and their word on the matter is final with no redress considered.

Visitors are only allowed to take into the facility for visits certain things and these are:

  • Valid ID card
  • Single car key
  • Up to $50 in small bills

None of the $50 is allowed to be given to the inmate but is allowed inside in order to buy food items from the available vending machines.

If a visitor has a baby with them, these additional items may be permitted:

  • Three clear plastic baby bottles
  • One clear pacifier
  • Five diapers
  • Three Baby foods with intact seals
  • A clear bag containing baby wipes
  • One change of baby clothes
  • One blanket

All these additional items though will be subjected to searches.