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Kentucky Inmate Search

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Kentucky Department of Corrections (KYDOC) is a centralized facility which is responsible for every inmate records in Kentucky (KY) state prisons.

All other correctional facilities are working as a separate unit and keep their data on their own.

For example, county sheriff holds every single inmate information from their county jails while city police departments taking care of city jails and police jails.

How To Locate An Inmate in Kentucky State Prison?

There are times you may be interested in searching for some information about a convicted person for one reason or the other. During these times, you may be faced with a serious challenge of not knowing where to start from. While this may be hard, we are of the opinion that this shouldn't cause you any serious problem at all. You can conveniently get “Inmate Locator Online” to do the magic. It is a database provided by the Kentucky Department of Corrections (KYDOC). With this service, you will get all necessary help when researching criminals' background information, and also this service can be of great importance to a person interested in some information about inmates transferred between facilities.

Most importantly, all you need to have is the essential information about the inmate:

First/Last Name of the Inmate
Date of birth
Inmate Number (ID)

Also, this could include their full names, any aliases, photos, and contact information. You can also get to know more about the inmate criminal offenses, and charges prison facility they are located.

If you're seriously interested in searching for an inmate in Kentucky or about inmate criminal background checks, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about How to Locate an Inmate in State Prison.

An inmate search can give rise to many types of information about criminal or legal issues including arrests and convictions. For example, if an allegation of child abuse is to be found it will be in the report as well. An inmate criminal records information is not always available to the public in every state. Kentucky Department of Corrections (KYDOC) provides inmate information online that is accessible.

You can easily find inmate information with a criminal record report you can find lots of information about a person's crimes (including, but not limited to: behavioral, sex-related, and theft or robbery, etc.) Some of the other ways of locating inmates include the following:

See If The Inmate Was In Jail

The site to check for past and present inmates in Kentucky is Kentucky Department of Corrections (KYDOC), you can only search if the inmate you're looking for was actually in jail. This can serve as a useful validation if you want to know whether the person you are searching for is an inmate or not. On this site, you can also consider searching by searching with the inmate FIRST/LAST NAME OF THE INMATE, DATE OF BIRTH, and INMATE NUMBER (ID) with this you can be provided more information about the inmate.

Going To The Local Courthouse

If you are aware of the courthouse the case on the inmate whose information you're searching for was carried out, then go there and simply ask for the record. However, you must provide a valid intent and purpose for doing so.

Use Free Online Resources (Kentucky Department of Corrections (KYDOC))

You can easily search online by simply adding the name of the state + the inmate name. For instance, put 'Kentucky Smith Wilson.' Most time the official websites Kentucky Department of Corrections (KYDOC) provide different search options.

Note: To look for an inmate in other correction facilities please refer directly to Federal Prisons or City, Police and County Jails.

Total Inmates in Kentucky (KY) By Year

We Found a Total Of 418 Incarceration Facilities in The State Of Kentucky (KY):

Total Incarcerated Individuals
42,218 Total Individuals in Prisons & Jails
23,018 Inmates in Prisons
19,200 Inmates in Jails
518 Incarceration Rate in Prisons (per 100,000)
570 Incarceration Rate in Jails (per 100,000)
52,266 Inmates on Probation
16,536 Inmates on Parole
915 (4.1) Life Sentenced (% of Inmates)
111 (0.5) Life Without Parole (% of Inmates)
2 Juvenile Life Sentenced Without Parole
0 Individuals in Private Prisons
Incarceration by Gender
20,077 Men Imprisoned
2,941 Women Imprisoned
Incarceration by Rate & Ethnicity
431 White Incarceration Rate (per 100,000)
1,411 Black Incarceration Rate (per 100,000)
183 Hispanic Incarceration Rate (per 100,000)
Current Juveniles in Custody
510 Total
309 Committed
192 Detained
9 Diverted
112 Custody Rate for Juveniles (per 100,000)
76 Custody Rate for White (per 100,000)
361 Custody Rate for Black (per 100,000)
55 Custody Rate for Latino (per 100,000)
0 Custody Rate for American Indians (per 100,000)
0 Custody Rate for Asians (per 100,000)
Incarceration Racial & Ethnic Ratios
3.3 Black to White Ratio
0.4 Hispanic to White Ratio
Felony Disenfranchisement
312,046 (9.14%) Disenfranchised Individuals (% of Individuals)
69,771 (26.15%) Disenfranchised African Americans (% of Individuals)
Total Incarceration Facility Expenses
650 In Millions