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Find an inmate who is currently imprisoned in one of Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). You can use our intuitive search, or simply select the jail from the given list.

People who are housed in US federal prisons are likely to be serving longer sentences for committing more serious crimes such as rape and murder. Depending on the state, some federal prison inmates may even be sitting on death row. As a result, it is crucial that the friends and family of US federal prison inmates locate them and make contact with them when they are able to.

Federal prisons are often high-security prisons, which can make it difficult to access certain information about their inmates. Nonetheless, using Inmate Search’s intuitive and comprehensive centralized search system, you will be able to find the details of the US federal prison where your friend or loved one is being held.

Once you have located the inmate, provides you with various information about the US federal prison, such as its location, visiting times, contact information, phone numbers, and much more. Whether you’re planning on driving down to visit or you simply want to call a certain inmate on their prison phone, Inmate Search provides you with all the information you could ever require.

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