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Find an inmate who is currently imprisoned in one of County Jails. You can use our intuitive search, or simply select the jail from the given list.

Generally speaking, US county jails are facilities which house inmates who are serving shorter sentences, typically sentences which are less than 12 months long. However, inmates awaiting sentences are also often housed in US county jails in between their court appearances and other legal matters.

Inmate search can help you to find inmates in US county jails all across the country. Typically, the inmates in county jails are guilty of misdemeanors and more minor crimes, so security tends to be less strict and visiting tends to be easier than it is in high-security prisons.

By using and inputting some basic information about the inmate, you will be able to effectively find them among the 4,000+ county jails in the US. Once you have found your desired inmate in their county jail, we can provide you with essential information such as the particular county jail's contact information, visiting hours, postal instructions, road directions, and much more.

It can be difficult to locate an inmate who is serving time in a county jail, especially if they’re in a different region/state and you don’t have local resources at your disposal. Nonetheless, with our help, you are able to seamlessly locate your inmate and acquire all the information you need.

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