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  • 207 North Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA, 91101

The Pasadena Jail is based in Pasadena, California. Often at times, the Pasadena Jail gets confused with the Los Angeles County Jail. However, there is a big difference between both of these jails.

Where on one hand the Pasadena city jail serves the Pasadena city only, the county jail services the whole county.

The address of Pasadena Jail is as follows:  

207 North Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA, 91101

Built as a prison facility, the Pasadena Jail is more like a facility for holding the inmates. In general, the Pasadena Jail houses inmates for as long as 72 hours before the inmates are released, or are transferred to another county prison.

Finding someone at the Pasadena Jail

The Pasadena Jail facility offers a custody report that is available to the users online on the official website of the City of Pasadena. These records display the names of the inmates that are currently being held in the facility. Hence, in case someone has been released or transferred, their records will not be found in the online roster.

A successful search will bring up the first and last name of the inmates along with their date of birth, mugshots, and their charges of crime.

Sending mail/care packages to the inmates

Well, the Pasadena Jail is one of the few jails that do not accept any mail packages for the inmates. This is because inmates are usually kept only for 72 hours or less.

In case any mail package is delivered to the facility, the package will simply be sent back to the original sender.

Sending money to the Pasadena Jail inmates

While inmates are being held at the Pasadena Jail, they do not really require any money. This is because the inmates get three meals in a day along with other things that they may need. Hence, friends and family members don't really have to send money to the inmates.

Before putting money on the books of an inmate, friends and family members will have to wait until the inmate is transferred to a ‘home’ prison. This money will primarily be deposited in the commissary accounts of their respective ‘home’ prison and their telephone accounts for services such as email.

Making a phone call to a Pasadena Jail inmate

While the Pasadena Jail does not allow incoming calls from family members and friends, the facility does allow the inmates to talk to their loved ones via a telephone. However, they will have to go through a booking process.

Once the booking process is completed, the inmates will be able to call through the telephone to make collect calls at their home.

Do note that the facility allows collect calls only. This simply means that the receiver will be the one paying any costs of the call. For this, the jail facility is not really responsible.

Sending an email to the inmates

The inmates at the Pasadena Jail do not get an access to the internet during the time they are held. Hence, the inmates cannot receive or send any emails while they are being held.

Do note that the Pasadena Jail does not offer inmates ways to send a message or an email during their time in jail.


The Pasadena Jail does not include a commissary for the inmates. This is primarily because inmates at the Pasadena Jail are only held for about three days before being released, or transferred to a ‘home’ jail. The ‘home’ jails in most of the cases, are bigger with a range of different services.

Hence, for the time while the inmates are behind the bars, they will not be able to purchase goods. All that the inmates generally get at Pasadena Jail is a bedding, and three meals in a day.

The Pasadena Jail visiting rules

The inmates at the Pasadena Jail do not spend more than three days, they are not allowed any visitors. Hence, the friends and family members of the inmates will normally have to wait for 72 hours before the inmate is released. In case the inmate is being transferred, the friends and family members will have to wait until the inmate reaches the ‘home’ prison.

However, the legal counsels of inmates can certainly visit them while they are being held at the Pasadena Jail. The legal counsels will be the only person that which the inmates may talk with.

How often can you visit?

As mentioned earlier, the Pasadena Jail does not allow any sort of visitation other than that of legal counsels of inmates. However, before visiting, the legal counsel will have to contact the prison at 626-744-4501.

Life at the Pasadena Jail

At the Pasadena Jail, the inmates are kept in their cell throughout the day (24 hours). Even eating will have to be done in the cell. Inmates can, however, use the telephones present in their cell to call their home. These calls are collect calls, however. This means that the person on the receiving end will be liable to pay for the call.

Hence, the life at Pasadena Jail would be rather dull as there is not enough for the inmates to do at facility.